Sunday, 1 July 2018

The "Live Your Life" Instagram Page is created!

Wow, it's been very long since i planned to get this done and i finally did it!!!
The insta quotes page is created, it's called <live your life>. The concept is 'small reminders, big differences'.

Basically i am not going to write anything that is unusual, it is something we know but sometimes we just need that reminder for us to stay on the track.

In the beginning of the year, i had this goal ~to contribute in some way ~. After months of 'figuring it out session' , at last i found what i need to do.

The process not going to be easy. The editing of images, interactive posts, all this will take a lot of time and every, but, as everyone already know, no pain, no gain!

Do check out the instagram page at @live_your_life_2_4_7

Remember, always live your life to the fullest!

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Why i went missing?

Yes, it's been a while.. What happened?

I downloaded this app called Wakie and i started to post my feelings at the time in like two three lines there everyday. Hence, i don't really think a lot to post the same thing in long version here (yes, that's laziness🙊)

Blog is something you write long posts isn't it? Or we can break the rule and post what i post there, here too? 🤔

Gone thinking...

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Commute to work

Been so long.. So hard to keep up with things. Main reason? Traveling, not vacation or road trip, but just to work.. Haha!

How long you have to travel to your work?
It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours for me. I am not in any social media. So i won't scrolling any feed, i won't really watch any videos in YouTube. I wil put my earphones on, listen to my favorite songs and just look around.

Can you imagine, by the time i reach office, i will have so many stories to tell to my colleagues, that's how much i observe.

So many people , will actually only look at their phone. Try shut that off a while, and look around, seriously there is so much that is going around us.

They say, the more we observe, the more thinking we are bringing to our life and we just don't want bring more where there is already in a lot in our plate.

But simply ignoring what is happening around us is not a good way to experience life too. You will never know, the time you are looking down on your screen, there will be someone who might need your attention to help them. Who gonna be there for them if not us?

Be observant, look around, see things, experience life.

This is my commute to work story, what is yours?

Here i am sitting and writing this, after gwt down from the train :)

Monday, 12 February 2018

♥ Special day ♥

Was just a random day where i was doing my job and a message pop up saying 'my valentines day plans cancelled'.

There are a group of people who like to spoil some special day, especially Valentine's Day saying 'we can celebrate love everyday, we dont need valentine's day to prove it'.

Do we receive flowers everyday? No.
Do we plan a beautiful dinner day out everyday? No.
Do we make a handmade card everyday? No.

But these are the group of people who love to just give the above excuse to make the special day just another usual day.

There are another group of people who will come from no where and say 'this is not my culture'. Why celebrate new year on 1st Jan then? It's a generalized one, isn't it?

I remember when i was still in love, I started to do the valentine's day video two months back, even on the eve i was doing some last mins preparation. The kind of joy and happiness to make that day awesome is indescribable.

In 365 days, the special days are very less. I am not saying it's impossible to make everyday a special day, but people's schedules are just too packed that we have to have these kind of days to take us out from this routine life and have a good day for ourselves with our love ones.

Celebrate love, if you are too busy, make it up for your love, if it's not you who do this, who else will?

P. S. Immediately took out my sketch book and did this for her in like 10 mins, hope i made her smile a lil.

Choose happiness, choose love ♥

Monday, 5 February 2018

Evil eye

Do you believe in evileeye?
Yesterday i was sitting in bus stop. There is a view from where i sit, three coconut trees, the sun is just coming out as the clouds are giving way. What a view.
I was thinking i should snap a picture of it. If i am a photographer, which location will give me a perfect shot. I looked around, after considering few places, i was thinking, okay, this shot will be perfect if i take it from right in front. My height will not sufficient, even if i stand on one of these cars will not be enough too. What i need is a crane, where i can stand, go up to correct height and click.
After those thoughts and imagination, i was listening to songs. I always sit in that bus stop, for the first time, a crane pass by that place. I was shocked. My manifestation was so strong that things i thought in my mind is somehow crossing my life in real.
I always believe in law of attraction, power of our mind.. Yesterday i realized that's why evil eye is dangerous and powerful. If someone is thinking about someone else and literally getting jealous and express their anger in thier thought, that thought actually gives a bad vibration and eventually something bad happen to the person they are thinking about.
Sometimes we can't figure out why something bad is happening to us, no growth no matter how hard we try, if we succeed then extra problems come and snatch that away. When we look back, the cause will be someone's anger, jealousy, vengeance..
Everyone is struggling hard to come up with life. When someone is happy, be happy for them, when someone is smarter, learn from them, when someone is doing well, seek advice from them on how they are maintaining their well being. When we do this, there will be no need of getting jealous of others.
Let's be happy and only spread love. Live a good life and let others live too.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Getaway from Waves of Thoughts

Have you gone through those days, where your mind feels heavy, so many things running in your mind,you just can't concentrate on anything although you have so many things to do..

What you usually do on those days? Keep thinking until you get back to routine? Sleep? Talk to a friend?

For me, i used to sleep for more than 16 hours(yes, that's crazy), and if i still feel heavy once up , i won't really do anything, just sit  or walk here and there and think and think and think.. 💭

One day i decided to reflect myself and it feel so bad to think about the time wasted just like that but i also don't wanna do anything that might need my 100 concentration.

When i was walking here and there, i saw my color pencils and i thought, why dont just color something. I bought a adult coloring book back in 2016 and i just colored about one half page 🙈.

That's when a decision was finally made. What to when mind feels heavy? Coloring. It doesn't require much thinking, unlike drawing, doesn't need to give the concentration. All you have to do is pick up the color pencil and color inside the lines. Simple right?

But when i read up the benefits of coloring, Wow, it's just more than filling the gap! {Googled the benefit as i write, check it out here :-}

It is very important for us to feel relieved in order to move on. Everyone have their own way to get out from the situation, some might watch movie, some might just go out for a walk, window shopping.. It can be anything, but if you are feeling heavy, find a way to get yourself out of the waves of thoughts and give yourself a inner peace.

I am glad i found coloring as my way of relieve from my mind heaviness. Always remember that it only take YOU to do the best for yourself.

Attaching the coloring page i did. It was a not finished in a day, took about 11 days and of course it's not perfect, but guess what, those 11 days are the well spent time, no self indulge in overthinking , only relaxation :)

Thursday, 18 January 2018


Does time heal things or make believe? We just refuse to come out of some situations and dwell in it and when we are out, we say time is all we needed.

At the time something happen, we just refuse to believe it although few things are so clear. We have that liltle faith, we just don't wanna give up.

But at one point of life, we realize it ended, on that day when we refuse to believe itself. Actually all we needed is time to accept it.

Imagine if we are superb strong, for us rejection means next opportunity, NO means Next One, we could have save so much time, rather than wait for the time to accept that matter, could use that time to work on something new.

As humans, we are bound to so many emotions, it plays an important role in determining our next steps in life. A person who have a good control on it, go liltle further than the person who indulge in few emotions and dwell in it.

Time heals, time make believe, how much time, what do you want to do with that time, You decide. Time never stop for us, we age everyday, so many things can change in one minute, even one second. Time stays long enough for those who utilize it, don't stuck in it :)